No more cribby

Claire is at this very moment falling asleep in her big girl bed.  Her Pap-pap brought it over tonight, phimosis and Claire wanted it set up tout de suite.   She is very excited and demanded that we dismantle her “cribby.”

I’d been planning on putting her in a big girl bed ever since she learned how to climb out of the crib herself many months ago.  We talked up the big girl bed to get her ready, buy since she was a little attached to the crib.  What I was unprepared for was how I would feel.  This is the first time in nearly five years that we don’t have a tiny person in a crib.  As I dismantled the crib, the memories of setting it up for the first time were so vivid.  Could it really have been five years ago?

Happier bits

So busy was I focussing on the madness that is the hallway last night that I forgot to mention the smiliest moment of the weekend.

The Scene:  Saturday evening dinner (eating the mediocre squash soup)

Anna:  Do we have to go to church tomorrow?

Mr. Unreserved:  Yes.

Anna:  Why?

Me:  You could use some Holy Spirit.

Claire:  Amen!

Our family has the most fabulous Advent calendar ever.  It’s a big manger scene, this web and each item in the scene is a door hiding a little cubby.  Every year on Nov. 30th we make a big production about leaving it out overnight and it “magically” gets filled with little toys and candy and whatnots.  The girls decided that Santa does the filling. 

This morning they got to open door #8 – Joseph.  There were two pairs of very girly striped Hello Kitty socks inside.  Both girls were thrilled.  Anna told me, info “Santa’s elves must know how to knit like you, Mommy!”  That must be why I’m in such a better mood today.  (but really I think it’s because at work I have nothing to paint)


That can’t be right.

I am only 31, gynecologist but I am an old 31.  I knit for fun.  I seldom go out.  I listen to NPR while commuting.  Tonight, sales having feasted on pizza and applied more drywall mud to the living room wall, order I am curled up on my couch with a throw blanket, a hot cup of Darjeeling, and the latest Interweave Knits.  Later I will wash the children, put them to bed, and try to stay awake through the football game.  I may knit a hat.  It’s really rather pathetic, but I’m a happy pathetic person.

As I was (half) listening to NPR on the way home, I caught the local weather forecast.

“. . . and tomorrow’s high will be 26.”

Nah, that can’t possibly be right.  It’s colder than a witch’s tit out there now and it’s 33.  Twenty six must be the low.  I’ll check the paper’s forecast.

It said 30.  The local tv news says 28.

I accept that I live at roughly 42deg latitude.  I accept that we have seasons.  I accept that summer is long since over and I have no right to expect it to be warm outside today.  BUT TWENTY-SIX?!?!?!

It usually takes me until February to hate the cold with this much passion.  I wish I could get as much of a jump on my holiday shopping as I am on the weather.

Excuse me for a moment, I have to yell at the children for de-stuffing the throw pillows and shoving the polyfill down Anna’s shirt.

That’s better.

Anna still believes that cauliflower grows on the moon.  Today a coworker gave me a brilliant way to entertain gullible children in warmer weather.  It involves convincing them that if they sprinkle salt on a bird’s tail, it won’t be able to fly away, rendering it easy to catch.  I am so going to try this as soon as the weather is reasonable again.  Perhaps in May.

Life in pictures

Have camera card, sildenafil will blog!
As mentioned before, Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was a blast.
Mom, Aunt Sue, and I filled the role of “girls gone (fiber) wild”:

Mom was happy with her find of baby camel/silk:

Aunt Sue got up close and personal with a friendly sheep who liked his head skritched:

(in case you can’t read her shirt, it says “Too much to knit, too little time.”)

I managed to wait to assemble my wheel until we got home.
Anna had to try it out, having already had treadling practice with Grandma’s wheel:

It’s monkey see monkey do in our household. Claire jumps on the treadles every chance she gets. The wheel has been stained and waxed in this picture – I really like how it came out!

The fiber obsession, it starts young. The force is strong in these two:

Claire gets into everything she does. Literally.

Bartender? One beer, please!

Ahhhh, there’s nothing like a cold one after a hard day at the office.

Lest you call CPS on us, the beer bottle was empty, and she made a healthier choice for her beverage enjoyment.

Where was Anna while this was going on? She fell asleep in her seat. This has been a common occurrence lately as she refuses to nap and all that fresh air and sunshine wipes her out by dinner time.

And every time she does this her foot falls asleep and she wakes up fussing and we put her down on the couch and she konks back out once her foot quits tingling.

Also, isn’t my dining room wallpaper lovely? Don’t you wish you owned a house with such lovely wallpaper? You can! For a limited time only, buy the dining room and we’ll throw in five additional rooms, a basement, a garage, and a lot at no additional charge!