This is where the title goes.

I have joined the sleeves and worked an inch of Autumn Rose.  I’m creeping toward the finish line!  At the rate I’m going, purchase we’re sure to have an early spring.  The minute this sweater is done, it will be 70 degrees out for the next six months. 

Speaking of knitting, Mom, Boy, and I went to the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet show on Sunday.  We’ve gone on Saturday in the past, and I think Sunday was the better choice.  I only got squished in a couple of booths, and didn’t get elbowed once.  There was still plenty of yarn and fiber to fondle.  I seem to have aquired a love of silk yarn.  Unfortunately most of the silk laceweight was too rich for my blood, but I did come back with a couple ounces of really pretty silk roving.  And sock yarn.  And silk/mohair.  And more eucalan, since my sweaters need their regular baths.  And my mother is a terrible enabler. 

And now for something completely different.

I’ve learned another advantage of having one’s children 2yrs apart.  Anna has been instrumental in potty training Claire.  This makes me feel a little like a delinquent mother, letting my five year old potty train her sister.  I am wise enough not to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Claire’s got a fierce stubborn streak.  I know better than to butt heads with her (she comes by said streak naturally).  If Claire will use the potty on her sister’s prompting but not her parents’, I say prompt away!  Anna is proud to be such a helpful big sister, and Claire is proud to be wearing monkey undies.

Shows how observant I am

I was tagged. . . um. . . two weeks ago and I didn’t catch it.  I’m a little slow on the uptake.  I’ll blame the weather – cold makes all things slower (except death by hypothermia!).

The photo tagging will have to wait for another day.  Meanwhile:

Five names you go by:

1.  Sarah     2.  Mama     3.  Whya    4.  Ms. Unreserved     5.  SarahUnreserved
Three things you are wearing right now

1.  Handknit socks     2.  Glasses     3.  My wedding ring     4.  Jeans     5.  A turtleneck

Two things you want very badly at the moment

1.  A new bathroom     2.  Another new bathroom

Five people who will fill this out

1. No one probably – I tend not to pass things on.  (mostly out of laziness)
Two things you did last night

1.  Cuddled both girls, recipe but not at the same time

2.  Took two acetaminophen and fell asleep on the couch

Two things you are going to do today or already have done

1.  Ran another unsatisfying reaction

2.  Cleaned my lab

Two of the longest road trips

1. Band trip(s) to Florida

2. In 2001 my cousin got married in Riverside, urologist CA.  Mom flew us both out Thursday evening (hooray for frequent flier miles) to attend the wedding.  Since we had a day to kill on Friday, we rented a convertible Mustang and put over 300 miles on it, bopping around the west coast at random.  It was the first time I’d been further west than Indiana, and the first time I can remember that my mother and I spent that much time together without trying to kill each other.  I think it marked the beginning of our adult relationship that all the little old church ladies told us would come someday (though neither of us believed it). 
Three of your favorite beverages

1. Tea     2.  Coffee     3.  Wine

What did you eat today

1.  Sometimes these memes baffle me – I can’t imagine why anyone would be interested in the fact that I had a bowl of raisin bran, a bologna sandwich, a pear, a granola bar, and a yogurt so far today.  But there it is. 
Two people you last talked to on the phone

1.  A coworker who was looking for a missing pH probe and MasterFlex pump that I haven’t seen in three years

2.  Mr. Unreserved, who was happy to report that Anna’s parent/teacher meeting went fine and she’s doing great.

Not today, dear.

Claire still needs a daily nap.  This does not mean that she takes one.  As a consequence, link sometimes she falls asleep five minutes before dinner.  We let her sleep – there is hell to pay if you wake her before she’s ready (as in 30 minutes of unstoppable crying). 

Wednesday evening she snoozed on the couch through dinner and beyond.  When she woke up around 7:30, store she popped her groggy head up, looked at me, and said, “‘Arack Obama is our new president.”  She put her head back down.  A minute later she popped back up and said, “He coming here to our house?”

I told her he was probably very busy fixing the country and not to expect him as a visitor.  I think she’s got him a little conflated with Santa Claus.  I suspect she’s not the only one.


I’ve been re-bit with the wool bug.  Now that I’m happily reunited with my wheel, one health I’ve got visions of finally converting last year’s corriedale fleece into the sweater I’ve been scheming and daydreaming about.  But it needs to have color!  And not just any color!  A sweater that starts from a raw fleece that is hand carded, meningitis hand spun, pills and hand knit, should be hand dyed with natural dyes.  Because that’s something I haven’t done yet!  I’ve seen so many lovely yarns made from strategically dyed and carded locks and bits of fleece that after much consideration, I’ve got to dye some of it before carding.  Goodness knows there’s enough there to play with.

So I got a book about natural dyes from the library.  While I was there, I also picked up some woodworking books.  Oh, and a copy of Mason Dixon Knitting because I’ve never taken a good hard look at it, but I don’t know that I’m interested enough to buy a copy.  To leave the library without a stack of books for the girlies would be unthinkable.  Sometimes I wonder what the librarian must think of my odd assortments that show up at the circulation desk.

Meanwhile the hallway sits unfinished, mocking me every time I go up the stairs.  And that’s sort of the problem.  There’s SO many things I want to do and learn and create and improve.  I want to dabble in all of them.  I bounce from obsession to obsession like a loon.  And there’s simply not enough time for all of that and working and cuddling and reading stories to little people who will be big too soon and having grown-up time with Mr. Unreserved and making sure the house doesn’t fall down around our ears. 

Lent is coming up.  I may have to give up sleeping.

Back to the dye pot

The little green cardigan started out as “I’ve got this leftover fiber sitting here, food might as well make something of it.”  I spun it up just to practice spinning, cure and thought I had enough for a toddler sized cardigan.  Now Claire is thrilled with the idea of Mama making her a sweater, sales so I have to follow through.

I tried to over-dye the gone-wrong green wool again and failed.  I’ve lost all hope of ever matching the original yarn.  I could dye something complimentary, frog the sweater body that I’ve got, and reknit it using the new yarn for the edging and trim.  I’m sure it would be cute.  But as long as I’m going to have to reknit the whole thing, I figured I’d rather start fresh.

My mother is a generous yarn pack rat who supplied me well with more of the same fiber.  (1/3 mohair 2/3 wool)  I spun 5.25oz of it over the weekend, which if I recall correctly was the original amount I had spun for the little green sweater that will never be.  I’ve got more than eight ounces left, so I can spin those up, dye them all together (I’ve got packets of blue and a different green Dylon in the stash, since the other green doesn’t strike properly ), and start again.  No more messing with misbehaving dye.  If I run out of yarn again this time, it’s just going to have to be a short sleeved cardigan.