Bad blogger, no cookies.

Shame on me, patient neglecting my blog.

The problem is that updates of “Hi!  Everything’s peachy keen!  Buh bye now!” don’t hold anyone’s interest, caries not even mine and I’m easily entertained.

What have I been up to in no particular order?  The girls and I went camping.  There have been several birthdays and some graduations in the (mammoth) extended family.  Anna finished preschool and had her kindergarten evaluation (!!!).  I bought a new car and had several inches of my hair whacked off.  Claire took scissors to her own bangs.  Three year olds are not licensed as hair stylists in the state of PA for good reason.  We started prepping the house for paint.   I planted four baby trees and the only one that was growing was chomped down to a stub by some anonymous wild life.  We attended the Pittsburgh Arts Festival and got to ride in a fire truck.  General life stuff – nothing deep or introspective from me.  (aren’t you glad?)  Instead I will post pictures of the girls.

Hiking with Pap-pap

Posing on a “big rock”

Checking out the fountain in Point State Park

Learning to do laundry the old-fashioned way

And last but not least, being junior junior firefighters