Fall is falling on me

It is October.  Time for crispy leaves and crispy weather.  My house, dosage unfortunately, approved is mocking me in its half-paintedness.  It is not a good idea to paint house exteriors in the rain.  I am in a race against time, page constantly watching the calendar, the weather forecasts.  The neighbors cheer at what we’ve got done, but I look anxiously at the sky, slap on more “sprig of ivy” and swat at yellow jackets.

The girls are asking about the progress of their Halloween costumes every three days or so.  That will only get worse in the next three weeks until I get them finished.  I can’t finish them too early, or they’ll be destroyed before the holiday by their over-anxious owners.  They ask me what I want to be for Halloween.  I should get white overalls and a cap and be a painter.