The Perils of Education

I’ve read it suggested that you shouldn’t blow kids off when they ask questions, purchase particularly questions you don’t know the answer to. This is fine with me. The girls and I spend time on the internet looking at things like octopuses, discount cat skeletons and the human digestive system. Some evenings turn into quite the little impromptu lesson.

Last night Anna asked me if a praying mantis would/could eat a wolf spider. We learned that the answer is yes, and also that a wolf spider can eat a praying mantis. Wolf spiders can grow up to two inches long. Then Anna wanted to know what the largest spider is – in case you were wondering it’s the goliath bird-eating tarantula. Of course none of this info is any good without pictures, and video is even better. Along the way we found a video of a giant centipede eating a tarantula. Nom nom nom nom! It was delightfully awful.

Unfortunately this mini education came back to bite me on the ass (metaphorically – goliath bird-eaters aren’t native to Pennsylvania) around three in the morning when Anna came into my room and told me there was a giant centipede laying eggs under her pillow. It had orange eyes and it was staring at her, and also there appeared to be a crocodile on top of my dresser.