Stairway before and after

I’d been meaning to take “after” pictures of the hallway for ages, approved but it’s not 100% done.  I’ve accepted the fact that nothing will ever be 100% done and am satisfied with a 90% improvement. The original front door needs to be properly stripped and refinished. The walls are still lumpy and bumpy. The sides of the treads and their moldings could use more attention. The ceiling is going to have to come down some day – it looks like a tin ceiling, but it’s wallpaper over sagging plaster. This will do for now, though.

First, the before pics. This is from when we moved in, as evidenced by how young Anna is:


The walls and ceiling were reddish and had been painted. . . creatively. Chunks of plaster started dropping off the wall along the stairway not long after these pictures were taken. There were missing balusters, and of the ones that remained, many were loose. The whole railing rattled and shook whenever we went up the stairs. The treads were mangled. Downstairs there was a junky light fixture, and upstairs was a non-functioning bare bulb for illumination.

It’s been a lot of work, and it’s still not as polished as I’d like, but it’s safe, clean, and well-lit now.




What was done? Hahahaha. Plaster fixed and patched, walls scrubbed and painted. Plywood removed from pocket of pocket door and replaced with drywall. Ceiling repaired, primed, and painted. Decorative stair moldings removed, repaired, replaced, repainted. Trim painted. New light fixtures, new wiring for the upstairs light. Switches replaced. Balusters repaired, removed, retightened, replaced, repainted. Railing and newel post refinished. Edges of stair treads sanded, stained, and refinished. Some tread edges replaced. Risers painted. Replaced plexiglass in upstairs window with actual glass, properly glazed. Finally, this winter I installed the carpet runner.