Damned squirrels, always trying to make off with religious icons

Never underestimate the power of a kitty. Get your mind out of the gutter.
Closing is scheduled for next week.
On our to-do list: Find St. Joseph. We’re not sure he’s missing, generic as we haven’t gone looking to dig him up yet, page but we’re wondering if he’s going to be hard to find after his six month dirt nap.
The flower bed where I buried him was semi dug up three weeks ago in order to replace the gas line at the old house. (not this old house, drugs which is older than the old old house) There’s a slight chance St. Joseph is now 10′ under instead of 5″ under. I’m also concerned that the squirrels might have made off with him. They’re always after the tulip bulbs in that area. They dug him up once about a month after I planted him, and Mr. Unreserved put him back.
The rule is that once the house sells, you’re supposed to dig up the statue and put it in a “place of honor” in the new house. There was no provision in the directions for what to do if he’s been squirrel napped.

One thought on “Damned squirrels, always trying to make off with religious icons

  1. If you were planning on moving again, I might suggest you buy one of those new-fangled St. Josephs that come with homing devices and theft protection.

    I have rodent issues as well, but I’m solving mine with anesthetized glue traps and asiago cheese. We’re out of colby jack.

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