I tend to read the instructions that come with small appliances. I’m easily entertained that way. They have all sorts of amusing warnings regarding the safe and proper use of small appliances. Usually these warnings make you wonder what kind of idiot would need to be told not to use the toaster in the bathtub, physician but there they are in print, recuperation presumably to prevent lawsuits.

Today I decided to make banana crepes for brunch. I put all the crepe ingredients in the blender and turned it on.

(normally one would expect crepe batter to go “whir” more so than “pow.”)
A chunk of glass flew out of the side of the blender. Crepe batter ran through the hole. The blender made horrible noises, like when you accidentally drop silverware in a garbage disposal.

I turned off the blender.

In the sink next to the blender was a 4″ long bolt and a hunk of glass. Another bolt was still in the blender. These bolts were not part of the blender. I can only assume they were put there by small people monkeying around in the kitchen. Probably the same small people who put the cup for the top of the food processor in the bathroom sink. Where exactly the bolts came from we’re still not sure. It’s that kind of house.


Amazingly the blades of the blender are completely unharmed. All we need to do is get a replacement glass top. And put it on a higher shelf in the kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Pow!

  1. How do you not notice 4″ steel bolts when you’re pouring in the ingredients for the batter?

    I suddenly know what to get you for Christmas!

  2. I very seldom use the blender (I haven’t used it since we moved). I didn’t think to inspect the interior for foreign objects before adding flour, egg, and milk. The bolts sort of blended in (har) with the blades as indistinct metal on the bottom of the container portion.

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