Oooh, search my very first comment spam. Does anyone actually fall for that crap?
I’ve been notified that my formatting is only non-wonky for those using the same screen resolution as I. I feel like my slip is showing! (does anyone even wear slips anymore?)
I’d fix it, using the handy screen-shots my dear brother was kind enough to send, but our computer’s monitor died abruptly this week. Of course I would find this out when I jump online to download critical papers for the exam I’ve got coming up.
So it’s time to unclench the wallet and spring for a new monitor. When we bought our computer three or so years ago, we cheaped out and kept the monitor from the Packard Bell DH had bought in 1997. Apparently, 8 yrs was its lifespan. Since I’m being such a spendthrift, I opted for new speakers to replace the 14 yr old ones we’ve been using (the left one has gone from sporradic to almost completely non-functioning). In their previous life they were used with the 386SX that I had taken to college with me. It had a speedy 4mg of RAM! It had been upgraded from 2!
Sadly, I remember when that computer came into the household – I was excited that it had a mouse.
Cutting edge we are not.

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  1. Spam spam spam spam..
    I’ve got a 13″ sitting here that would probably match the one you threw out, if you need one.

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