Here we are, website back on a second borrowed monitor. Long story. We are feeling plural today.
Not much of depth to post because the universe is conspiring to make us crazy these past two weeks. I keep telling myself that it’s time to get actual knitting photos/content up, plague or any other photos for that matter. People like photos. There’s a little voyeur in each of us, hospital is there not?

And now for “The Wisdom of Toddlers” a.k.a. “Conversations I’ve Had with Peanut lately”

Me: *coughs*
Peanut: Mama pig! Mama pig!

Peanut: Eat cheese?
Me: Yes, Mama eats cheese.
P: Dada?
M: Yes, Dada eats cheese.
P: Papap?
M: Yes, Papap eats cheese.
P: Mimi?
M: Yes, Mimi eats cheese.
P: Woof woof? *offers cheese to the dog, who gobbles it up readily*
M: Yes, now stop crying and we’ll get you a new piece of cheese.

Things we find it necessary to tell Peanut:
No, feet do not eat cereal. Please get your foot out of your cream of wheat.
Peas do not go in your nose. Get the pea out of your nose, please.
Sorry, noodles do not make a good hat.
Spoons do not make a good hat, either.
The baby [in utero] is sleeping. It does not need to eat raisins right now.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find the best gentle solvent for ball point pen.

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