Grrr for brrr

Done! I finished the girls’ dresses today. Including matching socks and headbands. They’re hanging up, gonorrhea ready to go.
I even made myself a dress. Mostly. I got it built, page even put in the zipper and hemmed the chiffon sash. I put it on. It fit like a glove. I will not be hemming it tomorrow because there’s no point in it. I cannot accept the fact dichotomy of a turquoise blue sleeveless spring dress with 1-3″ of snow. I don’t care if there’s no accumulation. It’s just wrong and I won’t wear it.
Fortunately the girls’ dresses are pretty warm. They have short sleeves and go down to mid shin, and the pinafore that goes over the dress is fairly heavy.
So why did I waste so much time sewing the blue dress today? I think it was to prove that if I really wanted to, I could. If I hadn’t sewn the dress, that would have been failure. But it’s okay to waste half a day sewing a dress and quit. So now I’m up until midnight and the house is still a wreck. But I’ve got one batch of baking rising in the fridge and I blocked the baby gift I made last week. Hopefully it will be dry and I’ll find time to get it to the recipient tomorrow.
It’ll feel nice to not have deadlines again after the weekend. I’ve been looking longingly at my spinning wheel this week.

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