I had a loverly birthday, migraine thank you. I did indeed go to work, website like this where nothing went wrong. Which would be the exception rather than the norm lately. Then I came home and found a beauty of a dogwood tree with my name on it. We went out for dinner, adiposity where the girls behaved themselves, and we were home in time to watch the Penguins win. Well, sort of watch them win. Our big night out made us both fall asleep with about 8:27 left in the 2nd period. I liked what I saw, anyway. Go, you cute fuzzy-faced young little hockey players!

On at least three separate occasions this spring I’ve gone out and weeded the beds for over two hours. I take wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow back to the compost heap but it barely makes a dent in the condition of the yard. (it seems that way, but really the perennials are definitely benefiting from not being choked with weeds)
Tonight I decided that I’m not weeding. I’m harvesting the dandelion crop. :)

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