Happy Halloween! Anna dressed as a bunny and went to four houses. She was bewildered by the whole adventure, buy cialis but enjoyed a peanut butter cup when we came back inside.

I finished knitting and seaming on the Christmas project. It needs one more blocking and buttons before it can be crossed off the to-do list entirely. I’d love to start something else, especially since the cabled socks are making me swear, but I do not allow myself to start anything new until after the exam I’ve got coming up in two weeks. I’d have lots more time to study if I could keep awake that long, but pregnancy conspires against me. Another way pregnancy is mocking me is the suspected case of PUPP (pruitic urticarial papules of pregnancy, IIRC). If that’s indeed what’s going on, I get to enjoy (along with regular rib reaming and innard pokings from Squirmy) hives all over my neck, left leg, and (as of this week) lower belly. The cure? Delivery. Roughly 8 weeks to go. Pass the Benadryl cream.

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  1. May I be the first to say….”Awww!” That’s in reference to the photo, by the way, not the icky stuff.

    - Subdivided Bob

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