‘urricaines ‘ardly HEVER ‘appen

I’ve just had one of “those” Sundays. A Sunday where I feel like all I did was feed people. Sometimes this feels like a burden, click and sometimes an accomplishment. But they’re always Sunday.
Waffles for the girls’ breakfast
Cinnamon rolls for a morning treat
French toast and bacon for brunch
Spaghetti and meatballs and salad and homemade focaccia bread and salad
Apple raspberry tart with vanilla bean ice cream
And umpteen mess up the kitchen clean up the kitchen cycles later I am tired.
And full of carbs. Honest, we do like fruits and vegetables around here. But today we were all feeling weary of grilled meats and corn on the cob and hand fruits and all the summer staples we’ve been subsisting on for months. (I will read this in February and laugh bitterly)
As much as I am raging against the trees that are turning colors too soon, I guess I really am ready to be done with summer. I don’t mind fall. I mind what comes after it. And we’re still majorly behind on home improvement projects that should be completed before the snow flies.
Stupid hurricane. Power at home is out. Has been out for 19hrs, viagra buy
will probably have to mercilessly prune the refrigerator a mere two days after stocking up on groceries.
Had to come to work wet-headed and uncaffienated. Not lucky enough to be associated with the more local work location which was closed due to outage – double insult. Family and properties are mostly unharmed, troche bar the odd horizontal tree. I realize I have no room to complain, considering how hard-hit others have been by this and other hurricanes. On the other hand, I thought that “no hurricanes” was one of the few meterological perks of living in Pittsburgh.

2 thoughts on “‘urricaines ‘ardly HEVER ‘appen

  1. Sorry to hear about your power troubles. I was on Plurk last night, working while the storm raged, and one person after another reported the loss of power — or just stopped posting due to same.

    Nonetheless, I’m a teeny-tiny-weensie bit glad it happened, in that it caused you to make that excellent My Fair Lady reference in your post title.

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