Good news: I found someone on Ravelry who is willing to sell or trade me a ball or two of Tidepool Heather Palette.

Bad news: It’s BACKHOE SEASON again!
Remember way back to when we had backhoes digging up our front yard at the last house?
Do you know that it costs a lot of money to have the nice men bring the backhoes?
It does, life boys and girls. This is why we do not have the nice backhoe men come over for fun and giggles. In this case, mind we have the nice backhoe men are trying to figure out the best way to completely redo our sewage pipes. Why are they redoing our sewage pipes? Because the basement is no place for sewage.

Do you know what will happen if I get one more phone call from Mr. Unreserved that starts with, discount rx “I’ve got bad news. . . ” (which would bring the tally up to four)? I will crawl off into the corner and cry. That is what I will do.

Editing to add: Well, that’s exactly what happened. Mr. Unreserved just called with the news that things are screwed up worse than we thought, and instead of costing almost one month’s wages, the fix will cost two. Eating up all the money we had set aside to do the gutters and several thousand more on top of that. And I did cry. And do you know what good that did me? It screwed up my eye makeup. That’s all.

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