Happy belated turkey day, here to my loyal readers! (both of them)
I’ve had a most lovely week, viagra as I’ve been off work since last Monday (using up that last little dribble of vacation). Mostly I used the time to “decompress” from all the stress this fall has been piling on – DH and I declared black Friday to be a do-nothing day. The rest of the time has been used to catch up on random household projects and napping. We have a clean dog, about it and a clean fish tank. On the one hand I am grateful for having time for a nap here and there (as the parasite is sapping me of all energy), but I feel guity for wasting so much free time that could be spent cleaning, finishing woodworking, quilting, etc. I’ve got this long mental to-do list that keeps running in my head on constant loop, along with a little clock in the corner of my mind that keeps a running tally of
a) time left until the final exam for class and
b) time left until the evil parasite is due.
The evil parasite, for his/her part, has relented slightly in his/her assults on my internal organs. I believe this reflects not so much a change of heart as it does a lack of room for a sufficient back swing.
Tomorrow I get to enjoy being the first in my class to present my chosen paper (yes, that’s sarcasm) and complete my last working Monday before going on short-term disability leave. (can’t call it “maternity” leave as that discriminates against men, them not having uteruses (uteri?) and all) I’ve already had the obligatory disturbing dream regarding the presentation – somehow all my overhead slides reformatted themselves while I wasn’t looking and no longer made any sense. Thanks to the joy of the laptop, I’m going to pull up my slides and inflict them on my spouse for practice. I predict a 75% chance of pumpkin pie to follow, and most likely falling asleep on the couch. Oh, the exciting life I lead! Be still my beating heart!

As an appology for a boring post, I leave you with a picture of the movie star we had the pleasure of dining with last Thursday:

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