One word – plastics

The sewage guys pulled up this morning in their chauffeured stretch hummer and snaked out our drains. There was indeed a blockage outside at the new trap. A very tough blockage that required augering out with the snake before things could flow again. When they pulled back the snake, sickness they found a chunk of now-mangled red/orange plastic on the end.

What was the mystery object? The world may never know. They suggested that perhaps one of the small people in our house may have flushed something. I’m skeptical on this one because the sole functioning toilet in our house has trouble choking down the things that are supposd to be flushed, infection let alone chunks of plastic. And whatever it was made it out to the trap before becoming, well, trapped. However, what with all the recent openness going on in our sewage lines, there’s no telling what could have found its way in there.

So all’s well that ends well. The little Unreservedlings get a sound lecture on what does and does not belong down pipes – water, good. Toys, washclothes, hairbrushes, orangutans, fruit bats, breakfast cereals (undigested), anchovies, bad. The sewage guys went off into the sunset (it does get dark early these days, no?) having relieved us of all of our pond and none of our money.

I’m still thinking about that goat, just in case.

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