I am a big girl.

As a big girl, click I am capable of going potty all by myself.  I do not need a cheering team.  I do not need an audience.  So what is the thought process of small children when they hear a parent in the bathroom and decide to leave the playroom and trek all the way upstairs to hang around in the doorway while I’m peeing?  Why do they feel the need to supervise?  I know if they are talking to you and nature calls that they will follow you, but dropping what they’re doing and going out of their way to visit you in the bathroom seems above and beyond to me.

5 thoughts on “I am a big girl.

  1. The ONLY time Alexis manages to run up the stairs is when she hears me go in the bathroom. Any other time she lollygags and drags her feet up those steps. Drives. me. insane.

  2. They don’t grow out of it either!! Michael will come home from school and not have two words to say to me until…I go in the bathroom…then he comes and stands at the door or just yells from where ever he is in the house to me and expects I will carry on a conversation with him while in the bathroom! One day about a month ago, the other two were busy doing their own things, I went into the bathroom, when I came out I hit them with the door because they were sitting on my bedroom floor waiting for me.

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