This is not “vacation.”

I had stashed away vacation days when we thought Mr. Unreserved would be needed to help with the gutter project.  It turned out his contribution was limited to holding up an end of the 40′ section of gutter for the three-man team for about 15 minutes.  I was left with three unexpected vacation days that I’m using to take the whole week off.

“Off” is, page as always, viagra sale relative.  Things I’ve done since Friday:

  • Baked cookies and attended the Burgh Moms cookie swap.
  • Used swap cookies to bribe youngest to pee on the potty
  • Made chicken dinner, complete with pumpkin pie in gratitude for tune-up performed by dear brother’s dear boyfriend (DBDB?)
  • Knit mittens to go with Claire’s new beret
  • Attended local “Light Up Night” after convincing girls I was teasing about Santa coming a month early.  He did come a month early, just not to our house.  So there.
  • Sewed pin-tucks on bodices of girls’ Christmas dresses and began embroidery.  The embroidery is sweet and is also a pain in the neck.
  • Got a hair cut, picked up the dry cleaning, and made at least two grocery runs.
  • Shopped for birthday gift for SIL.
  • Helped out with Thanksgiving Feast at preschool.
  • Busted out the paint and power tools and made a major mess in the middle of the house.

Years ago when we were DINKS (dual income, no kids), Mr. Unreserved always had to work on Black Friday while I had the day off.  Instead of braving the door busting sales, I started a tradition of doing some busting of my own around the house.  I’d take the long weekend to refinish woodwork, or paint the living room.  The tradition continues, but since I’ve got all week, I’m tackling a larger project.  The hallway (of doom!).

The hallway project involves the following repairs (I’m liking the bullet points today, can you tell?)

  • Paint the ceilings, upstairs and down (done, and boy are my arms sore!)
  • Repair the plaster on the walls (waiting for plaster washers ordered last week)
  • Remove loose paint from trim and prepare for paint
  • Finish drywall enclosing pocket door
  • Replace missing balusters from the bucket o’ balusters in the basement
  • Remove clumped-on flat white paint from existing balusters (in progress)
  • Remove gobbed on liquid nails from base and tops of above balusters (in progress, slow progress)
  • Reset and refasten all balusters
  • Clean and wax hand rail
  • Remove, sand, and replace trim from stair returns (in progress)
  • Sand risers and treads
  • Paint risers , baseboards, and return trim
  • Install trim around ceiling edge downstairs
  • Seal treads
  • Install runner
  • Paint walls
  • Paint trim
  • Hang new light fixtures
  • Replace switch plates for push-button fixtures
  • Install new quarter-round downstairs

Blech.  I lay awake for almost an hour at 2:00 a.m. this morning with that list running through my head.  It’s a fiddly nasty project, but when it’s done it will make a huge difference in the look and, dare I say feel of this house.

Some before pics from last year:

The railing is wobbly, there are missing balusters, the stair treads are a wreck, a chunk of plaster has fallen since, and the color of the walls is. . . not my taste.

Wish me luck, and if I don’t update again in a week or so, call the paramedics.  Or send more sandpaper.

3 thoughts on “This is not “vacation.”

  1. argh, I agree- definitely not ‘vacation’! But I do the same thing- when I have a day ‘off’, instead of doing something fun, I end up filling it with projects and Stuff I Have To Do. I love lists and crossing things off of them!

  2. I’m late in saying it, but it was very nice to meet you, especially since you brought cookies. ;-)

    I wish I had thought to use the cookies as a means of bribery. They wouldn’t work on the kid, but maybe I could get the husband to do a few tricks. Hrm.

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