Happier bits

So busy was I focussing on the madness that is the hallway last night that I forgot to mention the smiliest moment of the weekend.

The Scene:  Saturday evening dinner (eating the mediocre squash soup)

Anna:  Do we have to go to church tomorrow?

Mr. Unreserved:  Yes.

Anna:  Why?

Me:  You could use some Holy Spirit.

Claire:  Amen!

Our family has the most fabulous Advent calendar ever.  It’s a big manger scene, this web and each item in the scene is a door hiding a little cubby.  Every year on Nov. 30th we make a big production about leaving it out overnight and it “magically” gets filled with little toys and candy and whatnots.  The girls decided that Santa does the filling. 

This morning they got to open door #8 – Joseph.  There were two pairs of very girly striped Hello Kitty socks inside.  Both girls were thrilled.  Anna told me, info “Santa’s elves must know how to knit like you, Mommy!”  That must be why I’m in such a better mood today.  (but really I think it’s because at work I have nothing to paint)


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