Ratfinks at Comcast

I am cheap.  Too cheap to pay exorbitant amounts of money for cable television.  But I’ve got a family that refuses to rely on rabbit ears, for sale so we have had basic basic cable.  Most people think basic cable is roughly 40 channels with no HBO and whatnot.  It isn’t.  Basic cable is pretty much the networks that one would get with an antenna.  It was $8 a month and we were happy with it.  We’d rent movies as needed, viagra approved and life was good.

Then we moved.  And the lovely person at the Comcast had the good fortune to talk to my husband about maybe a little digital upgrade?  Just a smidge?  Just a digital classic package?  After all, it’s only another $10 per month.  Oh, and another $10 per month for the two digital boxes.  That’s all. 

And lo, the digital classic package was filled with educational childrens programming wonderfulness, and On Demand free movie and tv program goodness, and we were happy.  Meanwhile all the video rental places around us went belly-up and the grocery store took their rental section out and stuffed the cereal aisle with DVDs to buy. 

Over the summer, On Demand spontaneously went away.  I called Comcast, and the customer service rep said that I wasn’t supposed to have it.  Oh, wait, I’ve got digital classic, so yes I am supposed to have it and it will be back on in 24 hrs.  And it was. 

Well, as mentioned two posts ago, it went away again.  And I called Comcast, and the nice man told me that of COURSE I should have it, and he was unable to make it work, and he’d send someone over this afternoon.  Which he did.  And the someone he sent over looked at it and said we weren’t supposed to have it.  And I became belligerent and called Comcast and the woman on the phone said we weren’t supposed to have it.  And I told her that the nice man said we were.  She said he was wrong.  I said their website says we’re supposed to have it.  She said it’s wrong.  I’m not making this up.  See?

Without On Demand, I don’t feel the service we are getting is worth the extra $20 a month.  Oh, wait.  $23/month.  They raised their rates this month.   I am either going to cancell the digital cable and get a NetFlix subscription, or I’m going to *gasp!* do something I swore I’d never do. 

I may break down get a FIOS package. 

I don’t know what makes me more mad – Comcast’s duplicity, or the fact that they’re driving me into the arms of my sworn enemy.  Or perhaps the fact that I can no longer deny that I am hooked on cable.

One thought on “Ratfinks at Comcast

  1. argh don’t even get me started. I have long hated Comcast and Armstrong (the other local cable company where we live) We switched to DirecTV about 3 years ago and have loved it since. We pay just a little more than my parents do for basic digital cable without DVR or anything, and we have TWO DVRs. The way Comcast messes around and plays games is just criminal.

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