I feel so dirty

I’ve gone and done it.  I ordered a FiOS package.  I swore for years and years after Verizon gave me the hard sell that I wouldn’t touch their fiber optic cables with a ten foot pole.  After the month long run around required to move my landline and DSL from the old house to the new (a total distance of four miles) during which they pushed me off to a FiOS salesperson at ever opportunity even though said sales people were baffled as to why I was sent to them when all I needed was my copper lines to work properly I swore I’d get FiOS over my dead body.

I guess I’m dead now.

But on the plus side, ask Mr. Unreserved and I picked a new paint color for the hallway.  Now if only we could find some little elves to come and paint while I sleep. . .

2 thoughts on “I feel so dirty

  1. Good thing that Comcast didn’t get you for that interim payment… the one they tried to get me to pay. It’s the payment that falls between the payments and was the cause of you being deprived of Nickleodeon while you were growing up.

  2. Hah. Verizon keeps sending us FiOS marketing paraphernalia in the mail, and our area doesn’t have FiOS yet.

    I’d be all for FiOS if it wasn’t for the fact that:
    1. I find Comcast’s customer service better than Verizon’s, only because Verizon’s tends to suck that hard. Didn’t your last post include something of this nature about service calls on a Sunday morning?
    2. FiOS service cost’s more for the same value we’re getting now.
    3. We can’t get it. Really, who in my neighborhood would subscribe? “It’s broadband!” “Have some crack?”
    4. I’d go with the $15/month cheap-o DSL plan and basic cable if it wasn’t for our love of BBC America, two shows on LOGO, and a couple shows on Comedy Central, TBS, and Cartoon Network. I’d much prefer to choose the channels we’ll actually watch a la carte.

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