I was right!  Having already assembled one iteration of the dress pattern, weight loss Claire’s went together assembly line style.  Piping on the bodice – check!  Bodice to skirt – check!  Interface back bodice panels – check!  Placket in skirt back – check!  It was great being able to whip that puppy together without consulting the (frequently confusing) directions every five minutes.  Since I still had to assemble and set sleeves in Anna’s dress before I started Claire’s, valeologist I didn’t get Claire’s collar and sleeves done (I promised myself I was not staying up past midnight).  But I should be able to finish them off tonight, more about which means I can schedule their picture appointment for this week.  Check! 

This week is crazy because I’m trying to get everything out of the way except baking.  I’m off all of next week, and my gift to myself is to have a few days before Christmas where all I have to do is hang out with my family and bake cookies.  Assuming this week doesn’t kill me first.

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