The Post-Christmas Coma

I’m not dead!  But the last seven days are a complete blur.

Let’s see if I can piece it together. . .(editor’s note:  I don’t honestly believe the internets are interested in the minutiae of my past week – I wrote this post mostly for my own archival purposes, internist so go ahead and skip down to the pictures ’cause that’s where the cuteness is)

Finished up work on Friday.  Hooray!  Oh, let’s start at Thursday – it was more fun.  Thursday after work Mr. Unreserved had an event to attend (that I weaseled out of) so I took the girls directly to the mall, as per their request.  We go to the mall so infrequently that Claire had no apparent memory of ever having been there.  We had dinner in the food court, rode the train, talked to Santa, played in the play area, and bought a gift.  The girls were saints throughout.

Friday:  Shopped for craft grab bag gift on lunch half hour, finished up work, came home, gulped dinner, suited up the girls in their dresses, shoved buckled them in the car, ran to the tree buying place, picked a tree, put them back in the car while Mr. Unreserved took care of the tree, took them to Target to have pictures taken, bought Christmas cards, cursed myself for forgetting the memory card from the old camera where the pictures I had taken on Wednesday with the intention of getting photocards resided (seventy five shots taken, three acceptable), bought plain cards, took the girls home, decorated the tree, took video with the camera for only the second time since the girls’ last birthday party (am delinquent videographer).

Saturday:   Cleaned, fed, and packed children because Gramma was coming to take them away, wrapped gifts for two hours while Mr. Unreserved slept off the previous night’s work, went to church, went to dinner, did shopping for girls together, came home and collapsed burned collection of digital photos for brother’s SO for (formerly) top secret project.

Sunday:  Gave photos to SO, cleaned house, fed spouse, sewed elaborate flannel nightgowns for both girls, went to collect girls and mooch dinner from parents.

Monday:  Addressed roughly 38 cards, printed (crappy) photos of girls to put in cards, got them in the mail before the mail carrier showed up, picked Anna up from school, bought groceries, cooked dinner, prepared four varieties of cookie dough and baked two of them.

Tuesday:  Tuesday sucked.  Fought with printer, ordered new camera online and was thrilled to learn of Camera Store’s free overnight shipping, prepared template for mirror etching project, masked mirror, cut out template, massaged cramps in arms, etched mirror, sliced fingers, attempted to put mirror in frame, mirror snapped.  Mirror had been purchased Friday on lunchbreak at store that is a great many miles fro home.  Much shopping for the appropriate mirror had been done before said purchase.  Cursed mirror.  Shopped up and down henious local shopping thoroughfare before settling on alternative mirror.  And then finding another alternative mirror, neither of which were as good as first mirror.  Bought more groceries, finished gift shopping.  Came home, etched new mirror, etching cream was not cooperating.  Further fussing with the mirror was making things worse.  Called it done.  Appliqued fabric on aprons while Mr. Unreserved finished his shopping.  Baked remaining varieties of cookies until the wee small hours.

Wednesday:  Camera came at 10:30 in the morning, less than 24 hrs from when it had been ordered.  Danced (literally) around with glee at new camera.  Took picture of the cat.  Called mother to express glee.  Crash-cleaned house (stuffed tools and materials for hallway project in basement to be sorted later).  Finished wrapping gifts, master bedroom trashed, inhaled peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Coaxed eldest child out of bedroom closet, girls’ bedroom trashed.  Washed neon green paint out of eldest daughter’s hair.  Prepared foods for upcoming parties.  Prepared children for upcoming church.  Attended church in former hometown, went to party #1 and party #2 wherein much merry making ensued and many presents were opened and goodness abounded.  Came home after 12:30 a.m. and performed required parental activities related to Christmas Eve.

Thursday:  Santa came!  Also we’re out of coffee!  How can we be out of coffee and why didn’t Santa bring us any?  Anna woke half an hour before her sister and instead of either a) forcibly waking her sister so that presents could be opened or b) trying to convince us to let her open presents by herself, she lay in bed and played quietly with her new Leapster until Claire got up.  I can’t decide if that’s a testimony to Anna’s politeness or her deep love of the Leapster.  Living/dining room trashed.  Mr. Unreserved unloaded SUV, living/dining room extremely trashed.  Prepared more food, went to party #3 wherein much merry making ensued and many more presents were opened and goodness abounded etc.  Pried unhappy children away from party #3 to attend party #4 wherein you get the picture only with vodka which makes life better.  I think we stumbled in around 2 a.m.  Was too tired to read clock.  Slept with overwrought nearly-three year old using my head for a pillow.

So it should come as no surprise that we all slept in mightily today.  No one was dressed before four in the afternoon unless you count the fact that the girls had slept in their (third change of) clothes from the day before.  Mr. Unreserved unloaded the SUV again, living/dining room very really extremely trashed.  I tried hard to do nothing of importance, and by 4:30 could no longer stand being greasy and unkempt and wading through mounds of holiday detritus while laundry that had been started on Wednesday grew sour in the washing machine.  So I violated my “do nothing” edict and  cleaned up and did laundry.  Claire took a nap.  A long, late nap that resulted in her lying in bed talking to herself an hour after being tucked in.

I am now enjoying the first peace I’ve had in, um, I forget how long.  Man, Christmas is a good holiday, but it’s liable to kill me one of these years.  I am simultaneously happy that I got everything done that I needed to do to feel that the holiday was suitable prepared for and executed (although our library books are a week overdue and I never did finish the hallway), and disappointed that I allowed the details and hustle and bustle grow to the point that I’m happier today knowing it’s over with than I was yesterday in the midst of it.

But I have a new camera!!!!

I am not kidding – I took a picture of the cat because I was so thrilled with the new camera’s arrival:  The cat smiled.

I can’t believe that after all the work on the dresses and all the camera happiness that I was under the influence of, I never got a clear shot of the girls in their dresses.  My mom had to try out the new camera as we were waiting for mass to start:

Anna was rolling all over Gramma’s floor being silly.  I promise the collar is not so Snow White standupish – it’s supposed to lie flat.  At least this picture shows the embroidery on the bodice:

The collar is still misbehaving here, but there was hot and heavy present opening action going on.

At Mimi’s house we had three Christmas hams:

All of whom received sock monkey gingerbread jammies.

And tonight I finally got to see them in the fruits of Sunday’s labor for the first time.  They’re only swimming in them a little bit, and I think it’s charming.

So I’m off for another week now, with the exception of Friday when I get to go to the lab and try to remember what exactly it is I was trying to do with my latest batch of problem molecules.  All that is on the schedule is a party, a dentist appointment, and oh yeah,  I have to plan and prep for a birthday party for Saturday and figure out how to make a Hello Kitty cake and a Monkey cake (and an Elmo cake, says Claire, who claims that because she is two years old she should have two cakes at her party.  Mr. Unreserved turns 40 next year and if he follows the same logic, I’m going to resort to cupcakes.)

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