Anna Peanut has gone and turned five!  After I specifically forbade her to become another year older!  Kids these days.  *tsk tsk tsk*  Pictures of the dual birthday merry making to follow.

My children are convinced that various things are going to blow up.  I don’t know where they get this idea.  Maybe they’ve been watching too many cartoons.

Last Monday, health system in lieu of a birthday cake (since the coveted monkey cake was slated for Saturday) I put a lit candle in Claire’s milkshake.  Yes, cure Mr. Unreserved pointed out that I am weird.  The girls both freaked out and took cover under the table, shouting that it was going to blow up!  Stop singing! And put that candle out right now!!  And don’t EVER do that AGAIN!!!

Sunday in church they broke out the thurible (yes, I could have just written “incense burner,” but thurible is a cool word) for Epiphany.  I am still waiting for the state to declare liturgical incense a violation of the clean indoor air act.  I have a right to worship in the absence of second hand incense.  Claire watched the smoke curling up to the valuted ceiling, and whispered loudly, “It’s gonna blow!”

I kind of wish it did.

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