This is the part where I attempt to refrain from apologising for not posting in over two weeks.  Because I am sure that there are people out there madly refreshing this blog, health tearing at their hair and rending their garments shouting, “Why?!  Why hasn’t she updated?!  How will I ever know what mundane things Sarah has been up to in January?!  I can’t live without knowing!”

I have spent three weeks of January being relieved that Christmas is over.  The effect is just starting to wear off.  I know it is wearing off because last night I started laundry, hand washed my sweaters, hand washed the Christmas dresses, walked two miles on the treadmill while knitting six rows on Anna’s hat, and dyed more yarn for Claire’s sweater.  All after the girls were in bed.

The dyeing, it did not go so well.  The first batch of yarn (I honestly thought I’d have enough for a bitty cardigan) I dyed with a packet green Dylon warm water dye.  The blue struck, but not the yellow.  I over-dyed it with two packets of lemon Kool-Aid.  I tried to replicate the conditions on this latest batch, but the stupid Dylon dye went and worked the way it was supposed to.  Sort of.  It wasn’t as blue as the first batch, but still wasn’t completely green.  And the two packs of Kool-Aid didn’t seem to change much.  I added diluted food color while the citric acid from the Kool-Aid was still in there, (that way I wouldn’t have to add vinegar to the smells of wet wool and artifical lemon flavor) and it didn’t disperse the way I had hoped, and now there are ugly yellow blotches on the yarn. 

Tonight I’m going to hit them with blue food coloring, and if that doesn’t work, well, Mom’s got me well supplied with Reiland’s wool/mohair (I love Reiland’s!) so it’s back to the spinning wheel.  Which makes me wonder if I should scrap the unfinished sweater (body is done, sleeves, button band, and collar need to be knit) and start a new one from newly spun and dyed yarn. 

The other reason for my radio silence is that the free laptop my dear brother procured is giving up the ghost.  My desktop needs more sheep.  Many more sheep.  It takes 20 minutes to boot.  Note to self:  order sheep.  If I win the football pool at work, I’m buying a new laptop.  Go Steelers!

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