Back to the dye pot

The little green cardigan started out as “I’ve got this leftover fiber sitting here, food might as well make something of it.”  I spun it up just to practice spinning, cure and thought I had enough for a toddler sized cardigan.  Now Claire is thrilled with the idea of Mama making her a sweater, sales so I have to follow through.

I tried to over-dye the gone-wrong green wool again and failed.  I’ve lost all hope of ever matching the original yarn.  I could dye something complimentary, frog the sweater body that I’ve got, and reknit it using the new yarn for the edging and trim.  I’m sure it would be cute.  But as long as I’m going to have to reknit the whole thing, I figured I’d rather start fresh.

My mother is a generous yarn pack rat who supplied me well with more of the same fiber.  (1/3 mohair 2/3 wool)  I spun 5.25oz of it over the weekend, which if I recall correctly was the original amount I had spun for the little green sweater that will never be.  I’ve got more than eight ounces left, so I can spin those up, dye them all together (I’ve got packets of blue and a different green Dylon in the stash, since the other green doesn’t strike properly ), and start again.  No more messing with misbehaving dye.  If I run out of yarn again this time, it’s just going to have to be a short sleeved cardigan.

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