Not today, dear.

Claire still needs a daily nap.  This does not mean that she takes one.  As a consequence, link sometimes she falls asleep five minutes before dinner.  We let her sleep – there is hell to pay if you wake her before she’s ready (as in 30 minutes of unstoppable crying). 

Wednesday evening she snoozed on the couch through dinner and beyond.  When she woke up around 7:30, store she popped her groggy head up, looked at me, and said, “‘Arack Obama is our new president.”  She put her head back down.  A minute later she popped back up and said, “He coming here to our house?”

I told her he was probably very busy fixing the country and not to expect him as a visitor.  I think she’s got him a little conflated with Santa Claus.  I suspect she’s not the only one.

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