This is where the title goes.

I have joined the sleeves and worked an inch of Autumn Rose.  I’m creeping toward the finish line!  At the rate I’m going, purchase we’re sure to have an early spring.  The minute this sweater is done, it will be 70 degrees out for the next six months. 

Speaking of knitting, Mom, Boy, and I went to the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet show on Sunday.  We’ve gone on Saturday in the past, and I think Sunday was the better choice.  I only got squished in a couple of booths, and didn’t get elbowed once.  There was still plenty of yarn and fiber to fondle.  I seem to have aquired a love of silk yarn.  Unfortunately most of the silk laceweight was too rich for my blood, but I did come back with a couple ounces of really pretty silk roving.  And sock yarn.  And silk/mohair.  And more eucalan, since my sweaters need their regular baths.  And my mother is a terrible enabler. 

And now for something completely different.

I’ve learned another advantage of having one’s children 2yrs apart.  Anna has been instrumental in potty training Claire.  This makes me feel a little like a delinquent mother, letting my five year old potty train her sister.  I am wise enough not to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Claire’s got a fierce stubborn streak.  I know better than to butt heads with her (she comes by said streak naturally).  If Claire will use the potty on her sister’s prompting but not her parents’, I say prompt away!  Anna is proud to be such a helpful big sister, and Claire is proud to be wearing monkey undies.

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