At risk of being repetitive

February is a sucktastic month and I am glad to be rid of it.

I can say with complete confidence, look however, syphilis that Claire is potty trained.  Woot!  So I guess that was a good thing that happened this past month.  Past, oh how I love the sound of that. 

I’m nearly done with Autumn Rose.  I wove the ends all weekend.  Do you know how many ends?  Wanna guess?  Go ahead.  Guess.  Did you guess 300?  You were right!  Autumn Rose required the weaving of 300 ends.  That’s not an estimate.  I counted them.  I’m nerdy like that.  That’s not all the ends in the sweater, because some of them get tucked tidily in the steek, which I cut Saturday.  The neckline is in progress. 

This is what else I did this weekend:  Sanded the buffet top of the china hutch.  I bought a china cabinet last year via Craigslist and am finally getting around to finishing it to something that suits me more than mid 80′s very dark pine masquerading as walnut.  I’m nervous about the painting bit, but have been given courage in the form of a design blog that pointed out that things don’t have to be perfect to be pretty.  It’s a liberating thought when I can get myself to believe it.  The same blog has inspired me to do something about the window treatments in the greatroom that fill me with self doubt every time I look at them.  (This is one of those times I wish I were a man.  Men do not have doubts about window treatments.)

In between projects:  Helped Anna build a Barbie house out of Tinker Toys.  She’s a very demanding construction foreman, but I think my seven-room structure fit the bill.  I made her do the decorating.  (see above re: self doubt)

Also this weekend:  Held Claire through her afternoon nap.  There are only so many more times in life she is going to fall asleep curled in a ball on my chest, and I vow to treasure every last one of them.  Even if it means she drools chocolate on my white shirt in the process.  There is nothing so sweet in this life as a sleeping child.

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