Changing the subject: Life with the girls

Peanut usually takes a 2hr nap, malady starting after lunch. For two hours now, she’s been upstairs, singing, talking, yelling, and prattling on. She’s now switched to calling “Mommy!” over and over. Apparently, it’s more effective if you vary the calls, so now we have, “Mommy? Mommy! Moooooooooomy! Mummy? Mummy! Muuuuuumy!”
Am starting to give up all hope of her ever sleeping this afternoon. Apparently DH has as well, becuase he just got up and went to her. (he worked last night and is running on about 45 minutes of sleep.) So much for naptime, which will make her a treat this evening. (we are expecting company)

Claire, who remains nicknameless to date, IS napping, but only on my lap. Napping elsewhere is unacceptable.

Gotta go pacify a cranky, napless toddler.

3 thoughts on “Changing the subject: Life with the girls

  1. I predict the following will happen within the next few months.

    Yet another day with a cranky, napless toddler, and a teething infant who also refuses to sleep.

    You will finally get them down to sleep and think “Hurray, I am the world’s best Mum.”

    But lurking just around the corner is the Verizon Fios guy who will ring your doorbell or knock loudly on your door which will wake said sleeping tots and cause you much grief to which the verizon Fios guy must be subjected to.

    Learn from my mistakes. Put a large sign on your front door which tells people not to knock or ring the bell because of sleeping babies. The hubby says my sign isn’t very friendly. Too bad.

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