Where’s my green beer?

On St. Patrick’s Day, syphilis everyone is a little Irish.  Even Zoe.

I’ve got more picture goodness because I finally got around to:

  • Ordering sheep for the computer so that we now have a whole gig of sheep!  The computer acts like a computer again instead of a paperweight!
  • Hooking the memory card up to said computer and shaking the pictures out of it.
  • Uploading photos – a task previously rendered daunting due to lack of sheep.

So I can finally share Anna’s new skill with all three of my readers:

Please ignore the bags under my eyes, my bouffant hairdo, and the chocolate stain on the front of my shirt.  I can’t honestly claim that any of them are out of the ordinary, but ignore them anyway.

Anna, my five year old, who has yet to master the tying of shoes, can knit.  And she does it fairly well.  Santa brought her pink yarn and kid-sized needles for Christmas.  She’s making a lap blanket for her Barbie.  She wants to make Barbie a sweater when she’s done.  Preferably one with sparkly beads.  I told her she needs a bit more practice, but she’ll get there.

Note also the somewhat disgruntled look on her sister’s face.  It’s typical Claire.  I wouldn’t cross that one if I were you.

4 thoughts on “Where’s my green beer?

  1. Dude. I have a whole basket of unfinished projects I’ll gladly donate to Anna. I’ll even take them back once she finishes them. ;-)

    I will remember to never mess with Claire. I might be scared of her.

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