Run run run, as fast as you can!

You’d probably catch me, cialis 40mg though.  I only do about 15 minute miles.

As soon as Mr. Unreserved gets back from Home Deposit with a light switch and a bag of concrete, cialis 40mg I’m going downstairs to hit the treadmill.  Having fallen off the running wagon, geriatrician I’m back on and in the middle of week 8 of the C25K plan.

Would you like to know why Mr. Unreserved is buying a light switch?  I’ll tell you anyway.  It’s because there are now wires in our attic that are capable of carrying electricity in an orderly fashion!  This does not thrill people who live in places where flipping switches causes lights to come on, or where plugging in an electrical appliance causes power to flow through it.  At our house, in certain rooms, such concepts were previously unheard of.  I *heart* electricity!  This was made possible by the generous assistance of my brilliant, hard working, and benevolent father.  (who has been known to read this blog, not that I’m sucking up or anything)

I’m not telling you what the concrete is for.

In a completely unrelated note, Claire is running around claiming to be King Louie.  Raising small people often makes me feel like the warden of the looney bin.

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