. . . and my legs smell bad.

I found the most fabulous little black dress at a *ahem* cut rate fashion liquidator type store.  It’s still available at the original store for five times what I paid for it.  I intend to wear it Easter Sunday (assuming it is no longer snowing – SNOW GO AWAY).

My legs are so pasty white that they might frighten small children.  “Mama!  Mama where are you!?  The lady’s legs!  They blinded me!”  So I busted out the bottle of self tanner.

I’ve tried several brands of self tanner.  I’ve tried foams, store sprays, creams.  I’ve tried the version that is hidden in moisturizer.  While they differ in ease of use without turning me into a new species of orange striped zebra, they share one thing in common.  The active ingredient stinks.  I don’t care how much perfume they put in the product to try to cover it up.  Dihydroxyacetone smells bad and it gets on my nerves.

I’m so glad I have a blog so I can share this with the universe.

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