But enough about me. . . let’s talk about me!

More specifically, case let’s talk about what I’m going to be doing May 10th.

I’ve been thinking about registering for the Race for the Cure for a few weeks.  Mostly I’ve been waiting for someone to talk me out of it.  Instead I keep getting encouragement.  Damn you, implant supportive people!  Today I registered, and which means I’ve got a reason to keep running other than maintaining my girlish figure, avoiding my familial responsibilities for 40 minutes at a time, and getting my money’s worth out of my new sports bra.

I’ve you’d like to be a damned supportive person and you happen to have some spare cash lying around and want to send it to a good cause, I’d be happy to help you rid yourself of it.  Drop me an e-mail or a comment.

Also, if you’re my mother, or any other woman who has been neglecting her regularly scheduled boob smash, consider this your regular nagging.  Go get your mammogram.   Here at Casa Unreserved we take cancer seriously, no matter what type.

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