“I tricked you!”

Organization is not my strong suit, thumb nor are mornings.  To minimalize Monday morning mayhem, I always keep my car keys in my purse, except when I drop them in my coat pockets.  That leaves me only two places to search when they go missing, as they did this morning.  I dug and dug through my purse, growing increasingly frustrated. 

Then I heard the giggle from the breakfast table.

“I tricked you, Mommy!”  said Claire, gleefully.

“Do you know where my keys are?” 

She grinned and nodded.  The grin faded when I demanded she tell me where she put them.  When she figured out I wasn’t as amused by her game, she pouted.  A pouting Claire never talks.  It pouts.  She climbed slowly down from her booster seat, promising to show me where she put them.  Then she stood, pouting, in the middle of the room.  Not showing me a thing. 

Finally she admitted, “I put them in the pocket.” 

“What pocket?”

“The pocket on your purse that closes.”

On the front of my purse is a decorative latched pocket that I don’t use, that I thought was barely big enough for an iPod nano let alone my ring of keys.  It turns out they fit very nicely in there.

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