I can see clearly now. . .

There is a microwave (black) and a minifridge (white) in my office.  The microwave is possessed.  It beeps spontaneously and randomly.   I tried giving it a sacrificial Michelina’s fettuccine alfredo with chicken and broccoli today (they’re all alfredo, treatment all the time) but it was unimpressed so I had to unplug it.  There are two cords in the powerstrip. I am amused that the microwave cord is white and the fridge cord is black.  I’m sure this is a sign that I am feeble minded, purchase but I’m okay with that.  WordPress’s spellchecker thinks I should capitalize “alfredo” and I refuse to.

As a scientist, I like things that are unambiguous.  When I run a reaction and it doesn’t work, I like for it to fail really spectacularly.  I like to see absolutely no product, or more than 50% of an undesired byproduct.  Things that sort of fail but work well enough to merit further investigation or tweaking are tiresome.  Which is why I was simultaneously dismayed and delighted when my car gave out yesterday.  The exhaust has completed its long, slow disintegration and will require %150 of the value of the car to be put back in working order.  That would be on top of the necessary repairs already planned to get it through next month’s inspection, so it was off to the car lot with me.  I had expected the demise of my car to be stealthier, needing $200 here and $400 there until I was fed up enough to accept another car payment.  This was more like a big, neon sign that sait “IT’S CAR SHOPPING TIME!”  A blinking one.  With chasing lights around it.  And it makes a noise like a tank about to flatten a Chevette full of clowns.

Last weekend was a very fabulous trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool!  It was so fabulous that it deserves its own post, but I couldn’t let it pass without mention.

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