I am running out of things that can break.

In the past month I have had a virus on a lab computer followed by a complete hard drive failure, pilule two broken vacuum pumps, a broken agitator, a broken part on the  Tribute (Mr. Unreserved’s primary vehicle), and massive expensive deterioration of my car which led to its replacement.  Hooray for shiny new car, boo for ugly car payment!  This weekend the dryer broke.

It’s getting to where I’m afraid to use anything mechanical, including pencils.

In fiber related news, I had a fun new experience last night – I pulled the silk bell I picked up at MDSW into rovings.  It was great fun, even if it did cut a slice in my index finger.  The tutorial I read wasn’t kidding when it said the stuff could be hard on your hands.  Silk is so deceptive!  It feels like cobwebs, yet it’s tough enough to slice through skin.  No wonder people have been fascinated with it for thousands of years.  Tonight I hope to try to spin it, assuming I can keep my eyes off the Penguins game.

One thought on “I am running out of things that can break.

  1. I hope your dryer is fixable!

    Also, doctors’ offices don’t like it when I walk in and say “I need a mammogram because my sister told me so.”

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