I did spin the silk last night – holy crap!  People aren’t kidding when they say it doesn’t draft easily.  Even though I predrafted it the night before, mind it wasn’t as thin or as even as I wanted because it was killing my hands.  It wasn’t any easier on my hands while spinning, medical although a few times I did get into a sort of groove where I wasn’t fighting the fiber.

I’m not at all happy with how the singles look, but am waiting to reserve judgement for when they’re plied.  After all, the whole point in spinning this was as a learning experience.  Last night I dreamed of spinning silk filaments for car headlights.

Meanwhile, I’ve got about 500yds of wool/mohair spun up for Claire’s Sweater Take Two.  I dyed them Sunday and left them in the dyebath overnight.  Well, sort of.  The dyebath slowly drained out since they were in the wash tub, but that’s okay.  This timeI used “Amazon Green” Dylon  since the darker green wasn’t striking properly.  I was afraid this one would be a bit too yellow or too bright, but it turned out a lovely celedon color that Claire and I are very happy with.  When I showed her the four loose skeins of dyed yarn (she’s always asking what the status of her sweater is) she asked, “But how am I going to wear that?”  I had to promise to knit it up soon.

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