Get the carrot! Get the carrot!

When your house was sided mid-century, global burden of disease and not the last mid-century but the one before it, it’s hard to find replacement siding.  We’ve got some damaged pieces and some missing pieces that need to be replaced as part of the exterior refurbishment job.  I’ve talked to two lumber mills this week about having some custom made.  It entertains me to see people’s reactions when you explain what you’re after, but they’re not really surprised.  It reminds me that we’re not the only crazy old house lovers out there.

Lately I’ve had another project weighing heavily on my mind, and I made a decision today that took a huge weight off my shoulders (and replaced it with another older one).  I’ve been working on my MS degree off and on for a disturbingly long time.  In fact when I started this blog I was still taking classes.  I needed one more class and a thesis to finish.  My advisor needed to grant me permission to take the final class because the time limit for completion had passed.  He said he’d grant permission when he had a draft of my thesis in hand.  Fair enough.  Then I had Claire, and switched jobs, and moved, and the thesis got shoved so far to the back of the to-do list that it all but fell off.

Yesterday I had lunch with a former colleague who moved to France seven years ago.  He asked me if I ever finished the degree.  *wince*  Also at lunch was my boss, who laughed when the subject came up because he’s been encouraging me to finish, too.  *double wince*  Today I ran into another former coworker who asked me if I finished the MS.  *triple wince*  Then as I was sitting on the 31st St bridge, I saw this billboard.  OKAY, UNIVERSE.  I GET THE MESSAGE.  I will write a draft of the thesis.  I will contact my advisor, eat a generous helping of crow for having let so much time pass, and beg and plead for him to let me complete the degree.  Then and only then will I proceed with the project that I want to be working on.  It’s a good carrot.

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