Well whodathunk?

Guess who phoned last night?  The missing painter.  He claims he’s coming today.  Suddenly he wants to be paid in cash.  :: raises eyebrow ::  I am washing my hands of as much of the matter as possible.

Weekend progress report:  edged and mulched the stairway up the front yard.  It looks so tidy now!  It wants plantings and solar lights.  Prepped the dining room window for painting.  Painted and hung the dining room storm door, look installed knob/latch.  Woot!  I can leave the main door open and let sunshine stream in the storm door without the dog running outside!  Dog is vexed.  Painted dining room door – gosh I love our accent color.  Dog is painted with accent color.  Stupid dog.  Finished Christmas mittens for girls, recipe put them away with coats so they don’t disappear as Claire is enamored with hers.  Made significant progress on Alpine Lace scarf that I started forever ago, gleeful at the concept of knitting something with no deadline or recipient.

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