Little Bear said, “Mother Bear, I am cold. See the snow. . . “

So much of this year’s beautiful weather happened in October and November that we’ve hanging out on ladders until this month.  Fortunately the girls are old enough to entertain themselves fairly well while we work on the house.  One beautiful autumn day while I was hanging the 2nd refurbished storm door, anesthetist we had a visitor:

The butterfly turned out to be very friendly.  It hung out on the girls’ fingers by turn:

Anna found a dandelion and got to feed the butterfly lunch.  She got upset when we told her she could not take it in the house to watch a movie with her.  Even butterflies have their limits.

While I’m in picture mode, cure I’ll share a photo of the well-dressed Teddy.

Instead of having a gift exchange, doctor all the students in Anna’s class were to bring in an ornament for their tree.  Each child will get to bring home an ornament from their class party.  I found this little bear (he stands about 6″ tall) at the craft store, but he looked cold.  He wanted something to put on.  So I knit him a hat.  He was still cold, so I made him a sweater to go with it.  I hope he’s warm enough now, because I’m not making him snow pants.  He went off to Kindergarten and I hope one of Anna’s classmates enjoys him.  I might have to pick up a few more bears – he was fun to accessorize!  (plus Anna wasn’t happy about the concept of trading him in)

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