January reflections

We had Christmas! I bet you did too! (unless you celebrate something completely different, visit this site then I hope you had a happy whatever) Then we had two birthdays. Now my daughters are entirely too old. Then I had to go back to work. Then I got to be driven out of my mind by the byzantine process of attempting to return to / finish graduate school. It’s still a work in progress.

My 2009 in review
January: Girls turned 3 and 5; worked on the hall/stairway, store took up running
February: Played with dyeing wool, sale failed to finish stairway, Claire potty trained
March: Knit Autumn Rose, which I tend not to wear because I’m in a perpetual search for the perfect shirt to wear under it
April: Got excited about the early beautiful spring weather, singlehandedly painted the garage (no, I’m not bitter [anymore]); sewed Easter dresses for the girls
May: Annual awesome trip to MDSW; Ran in the Race for the Cure! Bought a new car; went camping
June: Started painting house (or was that May?) Bashed rear of new car into Mr. Unreserved’s car.
July: Got car fixed; continued painting; gave up running in favor of spending all waking free time on a ladder; Mr. Unreserved fixed the hole in the porch roof
August: Tried to paint, cursed the rain; knit socks for Dad’s birthday; Anna started kindergarten
September: Painted some more; went camping for Labor Day weekend; became as comfortable on top of the porch roof as I am standing on the porch underneath
October: Continued painting; sewed Halloween costumes, began Christmas dresses
November: Still painting, curse you, indian summer!; finished Christmas dresses; decided to return to grad school
December: Welcomed snow as it meant no more painting for 2009; resumed work on stairway, still didn’t finish; had very merry Christmas; wrangled futilely with grad school readmission process causing so much anxiety that I broke out in hives (my shins are itchy again today – it’s been a fun day)

My theme for 2010: Finish what you started.
I’d dearly love to be done with my MS degree by this time next year. I’d like to get the rest of the outside of the house painted, which should be doable. I’d love to have fewer unfinished projects, both house related and knitting related. Note that I did not say no unfinished projects. Just fewer. Projects are fun, but living in a perpetual state of unfinishedness (shut up spell check, it’s a word if I want it to be) gets tiring.

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