More Verizon, less filling

In the past week, skincare we’ve been called twice by Verizon, link calls that are pushing – what else? FiOS!
The first time it was a real human person. A real human person who got a polite earful of complaint about the frequency of their calls/mailings/visits and a request not to be contacted further. A pointless request, recipe as evidenced by the fact that we got an automated call yesterday.
I’d had enough. I grabbed our last bill and found the contact # for FiOS orders. I called, and was put on hold while I was sent to the proper department (why was that not the proper department’s numer?) The very nice customer service woman put me on hold while she figured out what could be done, and a couple of minutes later returned victorious. She found a spot in their system whereby our account could be flagged “no solicitation by mail/phone” for Verizon, surveys, and Verizon-related vendors. Said flag should be in effect in 24-48 hrs.

Now if I could only figure out how to stop the automated political calls and the surveys…

2 thoughts on “More Verizon, less filling

  1. Wow – you are my hero. As soon as you figure out how to get off the lists of those allowed to call, please post.
    Bob got an automated call from some political candidate the other day and pushed the button to receive more info. This is his way of protesting by just wasting their time. However, about a week later I came home to find said political candidate’s sign in our yard. I guess the additional info was just the sign, which was promptly taken down.

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