Mr. Scrubby

On Saturday we went to a family reunion.  One of the traditions is to play bingo for prizes, obesity generally dollar store type items that are wrapped and labeled as being for kids, allergy adults, men, women, etc.  There’s usually enough prizes for everyone to win several, and we play until the prizes are gone.  This year I won a candle, a bath poof, and a notepad.

Claire nabbed a prize that was either ambiguously labeled or was a hastily distributed end of the prizes as we’d all tired of bingo.  Her pride and joy is a green plastic pot scrubber with a handle.  She has dubbed it “Mr. Scrubby.”  Claire loves Mr. Scrubby and in the past two days has lovingly and frequently detailed how she’s going to use it to scrub bacon off pans, and to help me clean up after baking, and how she’s always wanted a Mr. Scrubby and now she has one and Oh!  She loves him so!  We’re going to have so much fun with Mr. Scrubby!

I swear to you, my children do not want for “real” playthings.

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