Itsy bitsy ham muncher…

Ah, malady the wisdom of toddlers. If it is the nature of parents to read way too much regarding their childrens’ future careers based on their activities or interests at a tender age, malady then I can see that Anna is a brilliant budding zoologist. We have been informed that:
Spiders eat ham.
Kangaroos like sandwiches.
Elephants are stinky.


I’ve finished swatching for Cromarty with Kathmandu DK. In addition to having to go down two needle sizes to get gauge, grip I’ve learned that the cables look good and I like the color. I’m not sold yet, because I’m not sure I’m going to be able to stand knitting so tightly. It’s not totally easy on the hands to cram the yarn, which feels sort of “felty” in its unwashed state, onto the size 3′s. Especially when crossing those cables. My biggest concern right now is the size of the washed cabled swatch, which is blocking as I type. This yarn grows tremendously. It’s like the little sponge animals that come in tiny pellets and expand into 6″ foam dinosaurs in water. Okay, maybe not that much, but washing this yarn makes a huge difference in size (possibly bad) and drape (stiff and fuzzy to wonderfully drapey and soft and therefore good).


I’m sure this is a common blogger problem, but I can think of all sorts of things to write about until the moment I sit down at the computer, whereupon my brain is wiped clean. Must be electromagnetic radiation. I’ll have to get one of them fancy coal-fired computers…

2 thoughts on “Itsy bitsy ham muncher…

  1. She’s right about the elephants.

    We need to get you a PDA now to jot thoughts down on. No, I’m not talking about a Personal Digital Assistant. Those are really more-less silly devices in most cases. You need a Parietal Disgorgement Aid–essentially a small notebook in which you can write things down when you think about blogging about them.

    No luck on coal-fired computers, but I betcha I can find a cheap abacus.

    I could go for some ham right now.

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