Oh deer,

We have deer in our neighborhood. Our particular corner of the neighborhood is typically browsed by five doe and two buck that we’ve seen, sick subject to change what with it being spring. I saw one doe with two yearlings last week, hemorrhoids so my count may be off.
These deer have an insatiable appetite for the blossoms of my tomato plants. Only the blossoms, and only my tomato plants. Not the neighbors’. Kind people have made all sorts of suggestions varying in the level of effort and/or disgustingness involved.
Last year, having missed out on home-grown tomatoes for two years in a row, I errected a chicken wire cage around my entire garden. This would be more impressive if I didn’t mention that my garden is a 3′ x 6′ patch on the side of the yard. DH does not share my love of home grown tomatoes, so I only put in about six plants each year. My ghetto tomato cage worked – I got my round red orbs of goodness and the “ladies” only nibbled what grew out of the cage. However, it was a pain in the neck to weed and harvest.
This year in the interest of experimentation I am going to try the aluminum pie pan deterrant. The benefits being ease of installation and the fact that reapplication shouldn’t be necessary.
The plants went in tonight, a feat with which I am pleased. Usually the first batch of tomato plants are purchased and left to sit and wilt in their plastic cartons. Gardening is not my strong suit. I like it in theory, just not in practice.

Because I was turning soil after dinner, I had to pry the crushed remains of an earthworm out of Peanut’s hand after bringing her in the house. She wanted the wormie to play in the bathtub with her. Much shrieking was involved. Also, worms eat hamburgers.

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