My mechanical curse

So the AC which was declared to be leak free a mere two weeks ago has been pronounced riddled with leaks by the same repair shop, sale as it has rapidly blown its coolant charge with its handy green dye. Repairs suggested to the tune of an obscene amount of money that has left me resigned to not have air conditioning in the car, malady as I can’t justify pouring that amount of cash into a 7yr old car. Which is sad seeing as I intend to keep it for about three more years. I guess I should be glad we don’t live in San Diego or Miami.
The previous laptop has been issued a death certificate by Technobrother. He kindly supplied us with a new one. Really I shouldn’t be touching it. I should be curled up in a ball waiting for this curse to quit.
The propane tank on the gas grill ran out in the middle of cooking dinner, Tuesday, also. Don’t these things come in threes? Can that be my third? May I be excused now that I’ve reached quota?
That’s morose. Time for happy talk!
I’ve started a Baby Norgi! I finished the hemp baby sweater! I’d post pictures, but that involves the computer that is being guarded by a fierce, whining dragon who refuses to go to bed. Just imagine a really cute little green sweater with irridescent buttons.

One thought on “My mechanical curse

  1. As Coroner, I must aver, I thoroughly examined it, And it’s not only MERELY dead, it’s really most SINCERELY dead.

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