If *insert name here* ain’t sleeping, ain’t nobody sleeping.

The two favorite subjects of parents of small people are poop and sleep. I’ll spare you the poop.
The girls share a bedroom. This is because a) the house is small and b) the “spare” bedroom is captive to the one they sleep in anyway, diet so they’d be in close proximity anyway.
Usually Claire goes to bed around 8:00 and sleeps all night. Anna typically goes to bed around 9:00 and sleeps all night. Claire takes one or two naps during the day, prescription and Anna seems to be trying to quit her nap, geriatrician but she needs it and often falls asleep at dinner time. She is virtually unwakable when she does this, and then of course is too tired to go to bed. But I digress.
This week they’ve both been uncharacteristically light sleepers. Add to this the fact that Anna has a bit of a cold. Anna coughs in her sleep. This wakes Claire, who cries, waking Anna, waking us. No one gets to sleep.
Last night Anna decided she wasn’t ever going to bed. Then she fell asleep face-down on the floor. Tonight Claire had to be put to bed twice, and Anna entertained us with a raging temper-tantrum.
Would the non-sleeping aliens who’ve abducted my daughters please return them to their rightful bodies. We’re all getting very tired. Thank you.

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