Urine big trouble

The good news: Anna has not worn a diaper in 17 days.

The bad news: Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get pee out of a reclining sofa?

It’s been a busy weekend at Chez Unreserved, malady soon to be the house formerly known as Chez Unreserved if all goes as planned. Which almost wasn’t the plan yesterday. Oh this whole house offering nonsense is nerve-wracking. It isn’t over yet, but as of today it’s one step closer (good news). Unfortunately we’re going to be owning two houses (hence two mortgages) for a time (bad news). I am praying to the housing gods (metaphorically – although a coworker did query me once as to the heathenistic idol worship practices endemic in Catholicism) and perhaps sacrificing a goat*. We put laminate flooring in the dining room all day Saturday. I’m happy to say the girls let us do that and for the most part played peacefully in the living room while we worked. The kitchen inches along, and the house will be listed ASAP whether it has cabinet doors in the kitchen or not. I will simply tell people to imagine the cabinets all nice and glossy and shiny and door covered.

I’m biting my cuticles down to bloody nubs. Bloody, caulk covered, paint stained, sand papered nubs.

*No goats were harmed in the listing of this house. Yet.

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